Nora Söderlund's Developer Blog

1 months ago

Google Open Source Peer Bonus award 2023

I was awarded with a Google Open Source Peer Bonus for my Google Maps Platform Discord community and GitHub repositories contributions.

3 weeks ago

Projecting a 3D route on Google Maps

With my WebGL route renderer package, you can now project the route on a Google Maps instance using a vector map.

Read more on how to do this and try it out yourself!

1 months ago

Remote controlled airplanes are pretty awesome!

I just received an remote controlled airplane that I ordered last week. It's incredible fun to fly it!

Fullstack application using Cloudflare Pages

I migrated most of my services to Cloudflare Pages, and in doing so, I got rid of Next.js and simply used Cloudflare Pages' functions implementation with my own low-level implementations.

Read more on how you can control your own workflow with TypeScript and server sided React DOM rendering with Cloudflare Pages.

Projecting a route to 3D using WebGL

I made a 3D route renderer using only WebGL because I couldn't find any open source package that does this. Stuff like this is what really tickles my brain.

3 months ago

Bundling several Google Maps markers together

Do you want to bundle several Google Maps markers at the same position in a nice way?

Read more on how you can recolor, rotate, and capture click events for custom markers!

Capturing Google Maps markers inside a polygon

Do you want to capture Google Maps markers within a drawn polygon?

Read more on how you can use some basic functions to do this!

Using Google Maps markers as anchors

Do you want to use a marker in Google Maps as an anchor element with a real navigation status bar?

Read more on how you can do it through your map element's tag name!

4 months ago

Static Google Maps coordinate projection

Do you want to project coordinates to the screen when using the Google Maps Static API?

Read more on how you can use the Mercator projection to do it!

5 months ago

Source maps are enabled by default in React

I recently made quite the discovery that the source maps for your compiled Node.JS source files, are enabled by default in React!

Read more about why I think this is bad practice and how you can resolve it.

Flowchart and online diagram software

I stumbled across when looking for a substitute of Microsoft Visio to create a server infrastructure chart.

Read more on how I used to visualize my server infrastructure.

Font made for programming

Fira Code is a free monospaced font containing ligatures for common programming multi-character combinations.

Read more about how you can integrate this font into your code editor.

Restricting a Google Maps API key

I often see developers not understanding the importance of managing their Google Maps API key properly.

Read more on how to properly manage your Google Maps API keys.